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Does Magn-us work on gasoil boilers ?

We have encouraging savings of 5% (max). Attention to fuel temperature, which must not exceed 80°C not to hurt the magnets.
We produce custom Magn-us bearing higher tempertaures for industrial installations.

Does Magn-us also work on gasoline engines ?

Yes it does. Magn-us Mini is specially designed for carburettor engines : 4L, 2CV, Fiat 500, motorcycles, quads, injection scooters, tillers, etc.

Does Magn-us slow the fuel down ?

No, Magn-us is calculated to let the fuel pass through as easily as in the genuine hose. The flow rate remains the same.
The maximum flow rates for each size are written in the specs.

Where should I install Magn-us ?

You have to cut the fuel line (NOT the return line), as close to the engine as possible (mind the pressure), and put Magn-us there.
Everything is explained in the installation manual. If you have a doubt, ask a professional.

Is there a loss of power due to Magn-us ?

Absolutely not.

I don't find my answer ...

Go to contact page and ask us directly, we will do our best to answer you as soon as possible.