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Bio Ressources Technologies

Bio Ressources Technologies was the first company to trust us when they started reselling our first product SPAD.
They have a great experience about the needs of agriculture, based on other successful products. Their clients have been trusting them for a long time and have already written many testimonies about our products. Their continuous presence in professional exhibitions provides them a wide network and reinforces their reputation.
Bio Ressources Technologies will exhibit at SIMA 2013 :
HALL 2 stand N 67 from 24th to 28th February.


FDME Plus ® is a version of Magn-us designed by Hypnow, following specific requirements from Ecomoteurs, for professional end users :

Characteristics :
- custom design
- custom fittings
- associated services
Technical :
- designed for an intensive use
- longer exposition to the magnetic field
- high power magnets
- a preferred direction for the flow is chosen by Ecomoteurs


Ubiquity is a key partner of Hypnow, considering its skills in international distributorship.
The founder feels like spreading our technology worldwide for all, using his experience from previous successful projects.
Hypnow designed a specific product line produced and sold under licensee by Ubiquity under the brand name Econokit.

NEW in december 2012 : bubblerless Econokit Gas for gasoline engines !
No more water refilling...