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Legal Notices

You are now connected to the www.hypnow.fr website of SARL HYPNOW:
Business name: HYPNOW
French Limited Liability Company with a Capital of: Euros 13,000
RCS: AIX 489 750 943 00016
Head Office: Villa Mornaghia, Avenue Montfleuri, 13090 Aix en Provence
VATIN: FR49 489 750 943
APE Code: 2899B
Hypnow pledges to abide by all laws covering the implementation and the activity of a website. Hypnow SARL invites you ("the User") to use its sites, notably Hypnow.fr, and gives you access to documents provided that you pledge to respect the conditions described in the present legal notices, which Hypnow will be allowed to modify at any time. If you do not accept said conditions, thank you for not entering or using the Hypnow websites.
1. Confidentiality
Hypnow reminds you that the secrecy of correspondence is not guaranteed on the Internet and that each Internet user should take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software against the potential contamination of viruses circulating on the Internet.
1.1 Collection of Personal Data
During your visit on the Hypnow websites, you may be requested, without obligation, to fill in some forms. You may choose to register or not register on the Hypnow website.
1.2 Updating of Personal Data
The data you will have entered on the Hypnow website may be recorded for their exclusive treatment by Hypnow. Pursuant to Clause 34 of Law 78-17 dated January 6th, 1978 (modified) pertaining to information technology, files and civil liberties, you have the right to access, modify, rectify or cancel the data entered on the website. To exercise this right, access your personal information via your account or contact the site manager with your coordinates at the following address:
Hypnow SARL
Villa Mornaghia
Avenue Montfleuri
13090 Aix en Provence
1.3 Security of Personal Data
Hypnow SARL will not communicate your personal data to third parties. Hypnow SARL informs you that all existing rights and regulations apply to the Internet.Any user of the Hypnow websites is required to follow the terms of the law of January 6th, 1978 pertaining to information technology, files and civil liberties, of which violation may result in criminal sanctions.With regards to personal data, you must also forbear any collection, fraudulent use and in general all action which may affect private life or reputation of the individual(s).
1.4 Cookies
Hypnom informs the User that, during visits on its websites, a cookie may automatically be installed in the User's browser. The cookie is a block of data which allows Hypnow SARL to identify the User and to record data on the User's navigation on the website. The cookie installed by the Hypnow websites only contains the User's identification code and does not allow Hypnow to identify the User. The configuration of the browser software allows to keep the User informed of the presence of the cookie, and, possibly, to refuse it.
2. Limit of Liability
2.1 Data contained on the Hypnow websites
Hypnow SARL takes the necessary actions to make sure that the information contained on any of the Hypnow websites are correct and reliable. Mistakes may however appear. Information is given "as such", therefore, without any guarantee. Hypnow SARL rejects any guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding the information presented on the Hypnow websites. Hypnow SARL reserves the right to amend the information available on the Hypnow websites without prior notice to its clients or prospects. Hypnow SARL may not be held responsible for any direct, special, accidental or indirect damage arising from the use of, or of payments based on, the information available on the Hypnow websites.
2.2 Third-party Companies and Third-party Products
The mention of products, companies or third-party corporate entities and websites on the Hypnow websites, as well as any potential link to third-party websites exist for information purposes only and do not represent a recognition or a support by Hypnow SARL, including when related to corporate entities which are partners to Hypnow SARL, who have full autonomy on their actions. Hypnow SARL may not be held responsible for the selection, performance or use of such products or third-party data, or of their sales force, when applicable. Hypnow SARL gives access to such information as a convenience to the User.All brands or identifications words and acronyms quoted by Hypnow SARL are the property of their respective owners.
2.3 Access to the Hypnow websites
The Hypnow websites are accessible 24/7. Hypnow SARL may not be held responsible, however, for temporary unavailability of any one of its websites in such cases as force majeure, information technology problems, problems related to telecommunication networks, technical difficulties or problems related to the supply of electricity, for example.For reasons of maintenance, Hypnow SARL may interrupt access to the Hypnow websites and will take all necessary measures to warn the Users in advance.
3. Intellectual Property Rights
3.1 Hypnow SARL Property Rights, Copyrights
The User will be held liable for any unauthorised usage (reproduction, representation, modification, publication, transmission, denaturing, be them total or partial) of websites or of their contents and/or of published information, which constitutes an infringement under Articles L 135-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code. The same applies to databases which may appear on the Hypnow websites which are protected by the provisions of the Law of July 1st, 1998 adapting the Intellectual Property Code of the European Directive of March 11th, 1996, relating to the legal protection of databases. Accordingly, any reproduction or extraction would entail the responsibility of the User. Original intellectual creations, identification names or acronyms and inventions remain the property of their respective authors. Any reproduction or representation of any such work, whether total or partial, either alone or integrated into other elements, is prohibited without the prior consent of Hypnow, and would entail the responsibility of the User pursuant to Articles L 713-2 and L 713-3 of the Intellectual Property Code.
3.2 Third-Party Products, Third-Party Companies, Third-Party Contents and Websites
Products, third-party companies and websites mentioned or referenced on the Hypnow websites by Hypnow SARL or by advertisers, as well as some contents and accounts belonging to third parties, are protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents or any other right which is recognised by current legislation, to which you agree to abide by.
4. User Behaviour
Under penalty of seeing his civil and/or criminal responsibility engaged, the User pledges not to use the Hypnow websites:
• to transmit, by any means whatsoever (e-mail or other), any content which would include programs, codes, viruses, etc. with the aim of destroying or limiting the functionalities of the Hypnow websites;
• to transmit, using the interactive services offered in the Hypnow websites and notably their forums, by any means whatsoever (e-mail or other), any illegal or harmful content, and notably offensive, abusive, slanderous, disparaging, degrading or pornographic messages or messages without connection with the proposed topics.
• to transmit, by any means whatsoever (e-mail or other), any content which would violate intellectual property rights, industrial rights, individual rights, etc.
Within the scope of its interactive services and without prior notice, Hypnow SARL reserves the right to immediately erase any content of whatever nature, and notably any message, text, image, graphics, etc., which would violate current laws and regulations and notably the regulations described herein. Should you wish to use one of the contents included on the Hypnow websites, you pledge to request the prior written consent from Hypnow SARL by writing or sending an e-mail to the webmaster of the Hypnow websites at the following address: contact@hypnow.fr.
5. Hyperlinks
Hypnow SARL may implement links to other websites or to other Internet sources. However, Hypnow not being the publisher of these sites, it is not in a position to control their content. Accordingly, Hypnow cannot be held responsible under any circumstance for the content of such websites, nor for the gathering or transfer of personal data, installation of cookies or other processes having the same objectives, carried out by said websites. Users and visitors of the Hypnow websites may not under any circumstance place an hyperlink towards any one of the Hypnow websites without the prior written consent of Hypnow SARL. Any request to this end must be addressed to the webmaster of the Hypnow websites.
6. Modification of the Present Legal Notices
Hypnow SARL reserves the right to change the legal mentions herein at any time. The User therefore pledges to refer to them regularly.
7. Applicable Law in the Event of a Dispute
In case of a dispute, the applicable law shall be the laws of France.
8. Allocation of Jurisdiction
Any dispute which cannot be settled by mutual agreement shall be brought before the competent courts of Aix-en-Provence (France).
nnelle sera porté devant les tribunaux compétents d’Aix en Provence.