Fuel savers working with water


SPAD - 2006

(Système Périphérique d'Amélioration Dynamique
= Peripheral Dynamic Improvement System)

SPAD is our first product, designed all in one for tractors or agricultural machines with vertical exhaust pipe. It works with water
Many SPADs are still working, satisfying thier owners, who report between 10% and 50%, depending on the cases (load ratio and sensibility of the governor)
SPAD is no more manufactured and was replaced in 2007 by Retrokit, more flexible, with similar performances.
For the handymen, a detailed plan is included in our book "They've used water in their engines, why not you ?" ISBN 978-2-9533413-1-7

Material : stainless steel.
Available : no (no more produced)

SPAD fuel saver

All in one SPAD fuel saver installed on a Ford Tractor